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Cream Mob

2010-04-12 01:15:24 by CreapingCthulhu

Aye got a good amount of Cream Mob songs uploaded. Check em out. Be warned, it's the hardest shit coming outta south-central Kentucky. Word

Waiting for music

2010-04-08 01:03:54 by CreapingCthulhu

Been a month and I'm still waiting for my music to be accepted. That's about it. Hopefully it will be soon as I'm trying to get my freak on.

Cream Mob

2010-03-09 09:36:15 by CreapingCthulhu

I'm gonna get all my music from my Cream Mob group uploaded. Saddly the mic we used is not as quality sounding as the one we just got. So our first 12 songs vocal quality isn't as good as the songs we're working on now, but hey what ya gonna do?